Demandbase App for Slack

The Demandbase application for Slack notifies you when a target account visits your company’s web site, allowing you to take immediate action to follow-up. Report digests may also be sent via Slack using any combination of qualification criteria that Sales cares about the most.

This app is part of the Demandbase Engagement Platform (a paid service), which provides the data and insights that Sales needs to better understand and target the right individuals, with personalized messages, within your target accounts.

Demandbase helps B2B sales and marketing teams spot opportunities earlier and progress them faster by overcoming go-to-market fragmentation. We help by injecting Account Intelligence™ into every step of the buying journey and by orchestrating every action — across systems and channels, through advertising, account-based experience, and sales motions. We call it Smarter GTM™.

Notify your Sales team in real-time when a target account visits your company’s website with the Demandbase App for Slack. To get started, visit our help center for setting up Slack.

Contact us for more information and installation instructions.

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