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Prior to Research in Action, Peter O'Neill spent 12 years at the analyst firm Forrester where found himself beguiled by this question ...
During Women’s History Month in March, the employee resource group at Demandbase Women@DB asked the #badasswomen at Demandbase to share their stories.
Personalization is about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time — it’s at the core of Account-Based Experience (ABX).
I owe it to my mom to give back to her because she has sacrificed so much in life for me. Without her, I wouldn't have come to America, gone to college, gotten married, and raised three beautiful teenage girls.
Call it a side hustle, call it a passion project. Either way, these women are truly inspirational, both 9-5 as well as before and after hours.
ABX doesn’t invalidate your current ABM and lead-based strategies. It makes them stronger — by adding the critical principles of Customer Experience (CX).
With Women's History Month upon us, we can all do more to inspire, to challenge, to chart a more equitable course for all women.
Don't be fooled by the exaggerated claims other vendors might make. We know we have the best target account Identification in the industry.
Jon Miller is driving the future of ABM. He shares his marketing philosophy (and his secrets for a killer cocktail) in these two podcasts.
When you harness insights from technographic data, you get to the heartbeat of what powers the business. And you can prioritize accounts with higher revenue potential.
The two of us have been using account-based Sales strategies for years, and we talk through how Sales teams can prioritize prospects to achieve their revenue goals.
Leads and opportunities are fine marketing metrics, but they're insufficient for measuring Account-Based Marketing. ABM requires ABM metrics. Here's how you get there.
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