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In this Q&A, Sales and Marketing leaders Jay Tuel and Peter Isaacson explore the significance of team unification and share their prognostications for 2021.
From being human to being data driven, Jay shares what his Sales team does to be successful while WFH.
The success of your B2B strategy is founded on the strength of your team. Learn how to build a powerhouse Marketing team for account-based plays.
There’s no shortage right now of tips for how to work from home and run virtual events. But the more strategic companies are taking on the bigger story.
Sales is a job where you need to really just take it one day at a time. Do the little things right, ask questions, don’t cut corners, and always strive to be one percent better every day.
Marketing and Sales team unification means they will move as one, seamlessly sharing insights, coordinating every activity, and measuring what matters.
The success of ABM is driving demand for increased investment. How should a B2B marketing leader think about budgeting for ABM? We break it down.
"Some may argue that the buyer’s journey is more complex now. I am arguing here that it is not complex at all."
Megan shares, "I’ve experienced firsthand immense change and innovation at Demandbase. I’ve never been more excited about the team and the product we have."
Stephanie Quinn (ABM strategist at Mimecast)
In 2019, I decided to become a certified ABM expert by completing the Demandbase ABM Certification program. This is what I got out of it.
Drumroll, please. The 2020 ABM Market Research Survey is here. Nearly 900 professionals from Marketing and Sales participated in the study.
How to pivot strategy on a dime and find sales leads that will buy. Advanced tactics to find and engage prospects that want to buy now.
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