Demandbase Buys WhoToo

Creating the largest global data platform for B2B marketers

ABM Now Goes to Eleven

As a B2B marketer, do you dream of targeting only the decision-makers at the companies you care about?

Now Demandbase is the only company that can make this a reality.  With WhoToo, we’re taking our patented account identification data and combining it with millions of account profiles so you can turbo-charge your marketing programs.

WhoToo has more than 250 million audience profiles, and significant expertise in sourcing and managing complex data sets, giving marketers the ability to customize segments and create well-defined personas. This means Demandbase customers can target based on job titles, personas, and other segmentation criteria.

Demandbase + WhoToo means:

  • Better Data: Demandbase’s patented IP targeting technology combined with WhoToo’s 250M audience profiles will create unrivaled data to power our customers’ Account-Based Marketing.
  • Better Targeting: Our customers can laser-target the buyers and influencers at the companies that are most important to their businesses.
  • Stronger Product Innovation: Demandbase adds a world-class data engineering team to drive product innovation.

Check out our press release and our CEO, Chris Golec’s blog post.


Learn more about WhoToo

WhoToo manages over 250M persona and behavioral audience profiles and has significant expertise in sourcing and managing complex data sets. Fortune 500 companies and leading data management platforms, including Adobe, Oracle, Exalate and Lotome, get in-depth insights and knowledge about their target audiences, allowing them to provide highly targeted, relevant experiences for their priority audiences.




With the WhoToo acquisition, we’ll have the opportunity to create new Account-Based Marketing solutions that help B2B marketers reach their target accounts more effectively.  Over the next few months we’ll be focused on integrating WhoToo data to extend the functionality of Demandbase solutions.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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