Go beyond aggregate numbers and metrics. Get a full, account-based view of your site traffic and use it to focus on quality vs. quantity.

Get robust analytics on the companies visiting your website by name, industry, size, revenue, account status and more. Leverage this data to uncover how successfully you are attracting, engaging and converting your target accounts and key segments. With Demandbase plugged into your analytics tool, you will also be able share reports and alerts with your sales team about which accounts are showing buying signals.


Measure how your website is attracting, engaging, and converting your target accounts.

  • Get to know your site traffic.

    Get beyond aggregate visitor and pageviews to explore site metrics by business segments. You can see how well you are attracting target accounts to the site, how much time certain industries are spending, if bounce rates are high for enterprise companies, who's converting (or not), and much more.

  • Prioritize accounts to focus on.

    It is critical to understand the online traffic and activity patterns of your visitors. Demandbase provides you with the essential elements for segmenting your B2B traffic by industry, size, revenue, or account status.

  • Use actionable data to convert and close.

    Demandbase identifies your business traffic so that you can then segment and monitor the traffic from the companies that are most likely to become revenue.


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Roll over each data point to reveal the types of stats and company attributes that Demandbase Analytics delivers in real time.

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