Synchronize your marketing and sales efforts through a single platform built for B2B marketers like you. Using our target account marketing platform, reach the right companies and attract them to your website, personalize engagements at every touch point, and convert them into highly qualified leads that accelerate into pipeline and revenue.

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    Create your own marketing cloud

    Unify your existing marketing tools with the Demandbase platform – all through a single view of accounts.

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    Target your marketing to the right companies

    Reach the companies most likely to become your customers, from first touch advertising to every website engagement to pipeline and revenue.

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    Connect conversations across your customers’ lifecycle

    Through a single view of an account, target your prospects and customers with consistent messages and offers across every stage of their relationship with your business.

Discover the essential stages of
Target Account Marketing.

Multiple touch points and connected conversations every step of the way.

Measurement, attraction, engagement, and conversion are the four pillars that comprise the Target Account Marketing and Personalization cycle. From first touch all the way through to sales and conversions, here are the key Target Account Marketing components and products that will accelerate your revenue and grow your business.

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Attract Convert Engage chat Engage Personal Indentify Main Measure

Deliver fully integrated marketing campaigns.

Unify and scale all your Target Account Marketing efforts

Demandbase helps connect disparate technologies allowing you to identify, market and measure across all of them based on the common denominator of the account. Through your many marketing initiatives, you’ll be able to track companies from first touch to website engagement onto conversion and even beyond. You then can use this single view to show and prove how your efforts are impacting revenue.

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For the first time, B2B marketers can take advantage of online advertising technology built specifically for them. With Demandbase, you can target your named accounts, by business segments and audiences, and deliver personalized impressions to them wherever they are in their customer lifecycle.

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Begin your journey to Target Account Marketing success right now. Easily integratable with your current marketing tools and technologies, this is the place to discover integration basics including technical resources, tips, tricks, and fine-tuning techniques.

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Personalized Demandbase Consulting Services are always available for Marketers who understand the value and the power of Demandbase, but just don’t know where and how to get started. This is the place to discover what Consulting Services are available and which ones are the best match for you.

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