The Value of Visitor ID

What You Can Learn About Selling to Buyer 2.0

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Central to the challenges facing modern B2B organizations is the emergence of what industry experts have christened Buyer 2.0 which, in B2B parlance, actually is a team of individuals tasked with using Internetinspired technologies and tools to conduct research into the products, services, and reputations of the companies in which their own organizations are interested.

The clandestine, self-guided tactics of Buyer 2.0 has many if not most B2B marketing and sales organizations on their heels. How best to identify, engage, and influence buyers they cannot see? Which of their website visitors is most likely to become a customer (e.g. where to invest scarce resources)? What do these buyers most need/want from the B2B and when?

Make the visitor feel like a personal friend whose arrival has been eagerly anticipated.
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  1. The rise of the Buyer 2.0 research team
  2. B2B website: Trailhead to the sales journey
  3. Visitor identification (and anticipation)

In this paper we will demonstrate how B2B organizations can couple well-known industry best practices with an array of online visitor identification and analytical technologies, not merely to shadow Buyer 2.0’s journey, but to anticipate and thereby lead that buyer directly into the B2B’s marketing and sales sweet spot.

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