How Demandbase Uses Demandbase

How Demandbase Applies Real-time Identification to an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

How Demandbase Uses Demandbase

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Driving Online Customer Engagement While Dramatically Improving Web Conversions with Real-Time Identification

The website is the hub for all customer and prospect activity in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace. In fact, every single deal that your sales team closes has touched your website at some step of the buying process. Still, most B2B companies earn the majority of their revenue from a very small percentage of their web traffic—most often because only a portion of their traffic is in their “sweet spot.”

Sales quotas are up by 93% with only a 33% average increase in the marketing budgets that support them. In other words, your team needs to create three times as many marketing-qualified leads as you have money for. You need to do something different—and fast.

“Sweet spot” or named accounts share certain select characteristics with your best customers. By optimizing your website for those sweet spot prospects, you can accelerate revenue and entice more of those premium visitors to convert. As a B2B marketer, your team needs to rethink how you can convert more first-time visitors from your sweet spot accounts the moment they arrive at your site. If you do, you’ll see a staggering increase in the number of highly profitable leads that rapidly enter the sales cycle and become pipeline.


  • Learn the 5 critical elements of an online engagement strategy
  • Understand the top benefits of a Real-Time ID website
  • Learn about the B2B Buying Landscape
  • View the anatomy of a Web Form
  • Understand the Top 5 Sweet Spot Marketing Metrics

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