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See how all your marketing programs are performing across the funnel—in one unified view.

  • Track performance across the funnel

    Performance Manager gives you visibility across your marketing efforts to see how you’re attracting, engaging and converting your audiences, and connect them to actual revenue opportunities.

  • Build, track and manage audiences

    Organize your marketing with an account-based approach to audiences. Performance Manager helps you create groups made up of your most important prospects and customers so you can track them throughout your efforts.

  • Create and monitor advertising campaigns

    Use the campaign tools in Performance Manager to specify start/end, creative and budget. After the Demandbase team reviews and launches your campaign, it’s right in your account to track and compare, and connect to website activity and CRM forecasts.

  • Make friends and influence sales

    Gain key, actionable insights that sales and marketing can implement immediately to improve pipeline health. Ultimately, Performance Manager helps you market and measure the way sales sells – by account.

See how you're performing
See how all your marketing programs are working across the funnel in one unified view with Performance Manager. View the five tips and tricks to get you started.

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