What B2B Needs to Know About Online Visitor Identification

Posted by Jason Stewart on March 16, 2011

Almost a year ago, Demandbase released our Real-Time Identification Service ... and since then we have gotten TONS of questions about online visitor identification. Most of the questions and confusion are centered around two things:

  1. Reverse-IP lookup in public registries
  2. Individual tracking tools like cookies

IP-based lookup for B2B companies is severely limited when free analytics tools rely on public databases, and when you bake those cookies they are really focused on tracking IDENTIFIED users, not identifying anonymous ones. It's worth a deeper dive, to be sure.

Join me on Tuesday, March 22nd for a short discussion with Demandbase Director of Data Architecture David Steinore. We'll discuss IP-based identification, exactly what analytics and marketing automation does for visitor tracking, and all the things B2B companies need to know about online visitor identification. Register here.