B2B Marketing Podcast #3 - Web Advertising in B2B

Posted by Jason Stewart on March 7, 2012

Demandbase B2B Marketing Podcast #3. Play by clicking here

We jumped into the exciting world of advertising for this show. Advertising is becoming an attractive and mature channel for B2B marketers but there are still a lot of questions and opportunities. For this show, Jason Stewart and Amit Varshneya were joined by Louis Moynihan to talk about the trends that B2B Marketers should watch out for.

Louis Moynihan is currently a product director for Demandbase, but has been in the online advertising field since the late 90's so was a great choice to discuss online advertising and B2B. Moynihan has mastered multiple advertising models from his experiences at an Ad Network, Ad Agency, Web2.0 technology company and an Ad Exchange. With a firm grasp of both B2B and B2C advertising characteristics, Moynihan understands varied advertising vehicles including, email, Lead Generation, Search, Display, Video and Social. Most recently Moynihan has innovated in the world of RTB, 1st and 3rd party data and is excited at the prospects of the capitalizing on theses trends in the B2B Market.

Show Notes

00:01 Introductions

00:20 Advertising as a channel in B2B Marketing

01:21 The resurgence of Display Advertising

03:25 PPC vs CPM, Display vs Text

05:23 Advertising vs Lead Generation, is it one versus the other?

06:23 What is Re-targeting?

07:20 What's a B2B Marketer to do? Advertising in a smart marketing strategy

09:21 Analytics, A/B Testing and measuring ROI in advertising - B2B vs B2C

11:10 Summary

Podcasters: Jason Stewart (Director of Marketing, Demandbase), Louis Moynihan (Product Director, Demandbase) Amit Varshneya (VP, Strategic Services, Demandbase)